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Going Up: Episode 1

When two people with similar pasts and different worlds meet, a series of events
are set into motion that change both of their lives.

by Nathan Sutton and Glenn Garrido-Olivar

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How Does the City of Savannah Negotiate Its Complicated Past?

A documentary by Sarah Carroll

Born to Run -- Berry College Forensics Documentary

Take a trip with the best speech and debate team in Georgia state history as they head to their 23rd…

The History Project

The instructions were simple: Take out your classmates with the foam weapons to get a passing grade.


A new semester begins and Justin is already running late for class, but then he strikes up a…

48 Hour Film Challenge 2017

Watch the entries of the 2017 Viking Fusion 48 Hour Film Challenge.

2016 COM 425 Productions

Watch the PSAs and short films made for COM 425: Narrative Video Production!
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