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Viking Fusion Shows

OMG Podcast Feature Image.png
Viking Fusion's new podcast with host Marcus Ghee.
Viking Fusion's new sketch comedy series, "That's Sketchy." Be on the lookout for more episodes throughout the year!
Viking Fusion's new Christian podcast "By the Word."
Tina Talks about news, pop culture, and other interests to Berry Students.
Three players and a special guest act out hilarious scenes!
Mackenzie Ross hosts her very own talk show with guests from around campus.
A young female freshman uncovers a mystery at Berry College.
A group of short skits to bring many laughs from viewers like you.
A mentally troubled young man and his psychiatrist struggle to discover the truth behind his illness.
One man takes over a radio frequency in order to put out a message.
When Bethany and Nathan step into an elevator together, a series of events is set in motion that leads them to a situation that neither could have predicted.
Double trouble.png
Two friends bring you double the trouble from inside the Berry Bubble.
A comedy show about a woman forced to work for a living.
A comedy show about three friends trying to produce a new show.
The calls between a man who reached out to someone and the woman who answered.
New entertainment.png Viking Fusion Logo Small.png

That's Sketchy: 2 for 20

Three hungry men with one problem...they only have $20. What will they do?

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 7

Featuring Jeb Blount.

48 Hour Film Challenge 2018

Watch and vote for your favorite submission to Viking Fusion's 48 Hour Film Challenge.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 6

This episode features Brianna Binns and Genesis Leggett.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 5

This episode features Savanna McKellar

That's Sketchy: Jail Time

A normal game of capture the flag takes a unique turn.
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