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Viking Fusion Video Shorts

Video shorts are productions that are less than 10 minutes in length.
You can find all of our 10+ minute productions here.
Not Enough Feature.png
Self-love is a life-long journey, especially in the face of commercialized beauty. 20% of women and 10% of men will develop an eating disorder during their college years. For help, please go to
Wreckage Feature Photo.png
When a girl stumbles onto the scene of an accident, what can be worse? The accident or the ensuing moral dilemma?
The instructions were simple: Take out your classmates with the foam weapons to get a passing grade.
A man and his camera go through life together until one day they are faced with the possibility of never seeing each other again.
A behind the scenes video for our upcoming short film, Me and My Camera. It premieres February 14! 
A teaser for our upcoming short film. Jude will be released on January 25th.
Trailer for the upcoming short film Imperia.
Voices from the past collide with the present as a new year begins at the Studio.
This Viking Fusion promo is a parody of the Captain America: Civil War World Premiere trailer.
A derelict warehouse. A cryptic confrontation. A deadly delivery.
After coming back from her study abroad in Argentina, Raquel (formerly known as Rachel) discovers that love can sometimes get lost in translation.
How to date a Winshaper!
Two silhouettes dance through romance and duel in heartbreak warfare.

This Viking Fusion promo is a parody of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens official trailer.
The story of a man who is ready for a change.
A Halloween inspired short film made by Gino Destefano Valdivia.
When Austrian exchange student Matthias arrived in the US, he had no idea his accent and hair would make him the object of obsession among the female population.
A mysterious man calls a movie theater and gives an ultimatum to the employees.
Winter is coming and so are more short films.
A troubled young man on the verge of ending his life is interrupted by a mysterious voice.
feature image.png
Dr. McDowell is back with a new jingle to educate students on the awesomeness of math.
blake philips.png
A spoken word poem written addressing the reality of being a Christian. God bless.
or don't, it's up to you... Viewer discretion is advised.
Be Yourself.png
A spoken word poem written and performed by Blake Phillips.
The greatest mathematical dispute of the 17th century.
Presenting the greatest mathematicians in history.
Music video created by Dr. Eric McDowell.
Music video created by Dr. Eric McDowell.
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That's Sketchy: 2 for 20

Three hungry men with one problem...they only have $20. What will they do?

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 7

Featuring Jeb Blount.

48 Hour Film Challenge 2018

Watch and vote for your favorite submission to Viking Fusion's 48 Hour Film Challenge.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 6

This episode features Brianna Binns and Genesis Leggett.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 5

This episode features Savanna McKellar

That's Sketchy: Jail Time

A normal game of capture the flag takes a unique turn.
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