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Executive Director

Allie Pritchett is a senior Visual Communications major from Chickamauga, Georgia. She is currently the Executive Director and super sad that this is her fourth and final year working for Viking Fusion. You will often find her obsessively watching Netflix, singing at inappropriate times, and asking, "How's the weather in your heart?"

News Producer
Madelin Ryan is a Senior Journalism major with a Business minor. Like most seniors, she currently doesn't know what she will do after graduation. In an ideal world, she would be an infectious disease specialist that lives on a farm with her ducks but Madelin can't do science (so there goes that dream). Her life motto is "follow me @themadelinryan." If you're looking to hire a duck enthusiast, pun aficionado, who loves to talk news and myers briggs, Madelin is the girl for you.
Studio Assistant Coordinator
Bruno Anthony Rosa is a Junior at Berry College raised in Naples, FL who plans to double major in Visual Communication and Math. He enjoys watching movies, reading comics, and filming. In his free time he is adventurous and loves to be outdoors. His life motto is "you should always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman".
Production Supervisor

Eric Jackson is a senior Visual Communication major  and Theatre minor who hails from the land of Ringgold, Georgia. He enjoys long walks on the beach and quoting The Princess Bride nonstop. He hopes to one day ride a Berry College deer into the sunset.

Public Relations Coordinator

Savanna is a senior from Lawrenceville, GA. She is a Public Relations major with a double  minor in Psychology and Sociology.  Savanna  enjoys purple,  food, music, naps and enjoying the people around her. You can connect with Savanna on LinkedIn here.

Assistant News Producer

Allie Crain is a senior public relations and French double major. She is the Assistant News Producer at Viking Fusion and the research assistant for Dr. Brian Carroll. Allie chose Berry because Hogwarts wasn’t challenging enough and didn’t have a student news studio.

Assistant Show Producer
Sara is a junior Communications major with a minor in Hangry specializing in Binge Eating Chocolate. Her hobbies include Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. "YEET" is 73% of her vocabulary (more like 80% let's be real...). She's in denial about her love of Hallmark Christmas Specials and most definitely will have a miniature Christmas tree in her room no matter what time of year it is. Fun fact: She was Spider-Man for Halloween 4 years in a row when she was in Middle School.

Show Producer
Jack is a junior creative writing major with a double minor in theatre and low job security from Owensboro, Kentucky, and he’s supa jazzed to be working at Viking Fusion this year. When outside of the studio, Jack’s many engaging pastimes include laughing at his own terrible jokes, ordering whole pizzas for himself, and perfecting his Captain Falcon up air strings.

Show Producer
Beth Anne is a junior Visual Communications and History double major. She is from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. (Yes. That is far away. And no she doesn't know how she found Berry. She just materialized here one day.) She is interested in creating documentaries about Berry's history with the Viking Fusion Production team. This is her first year working at Viking Fusion and she is looking forward to a year full of fun, friends, and producing content. (Sorry that wasn't cohesive, we can't all be perfect.)

Show Producer

Wyatt Duemler is a Sophmore Creative Technologies major and exists as one of now two anomalies on the Viking Fusion staff who have absolutely nothing to do with the COM department for some reason. Wyatt is known more as "beatboxguy" as it seems "Wyatt" is quite the troublesome name to remember. He never doesn't have at least one of those giant cartons of goldfish in his room at all times. Wyatt is a part of the Viking Fusion productions department, as he really likes movies, his favorite one is the 1998 classic "The Legend of 1900"... no? Alrighty then.

Event Coordinator
Anna is a Senior from Metro Atlanta majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Psychology. This is Anna's second year as Event Coordinator and she looks forward to continuing to make Viking Fusion an integral part of people's lives on campus and in the community. In the future Anna wants to go into non-profit PR or start her own non-profit. She loves Parks and Rec memes and her favorite foods include donuts and kale.
Social Media Manager
Hannah is a junior Visual Communication and Psychology major from Ringgold, GA. She plans to go into advertising or become a high school guidance counselor. She likes photography and cat videos, and also enjoys stalking celebrities on social media. She basically just sits on her phone all day. Hannah loves to celebrate Christmas year round and her favorite snack is whales (because they’re better than goldfish).

Lab Assistant
Bryce Wiseman is a junior majoring in Creative Technologies and minoring in Theatre. He comes from Charlotte, NC and when he's not at work he spends his time procrastinating on homework, dancing, making puns, and wishing he could afford more food.
Lab Assistant

Lexikay Stokes, a sophomore from Macon, GA, is majoring in Visual Communications and thinks maybe one day she'll make her way into production... but who knows? Lexikay is known for her poor driving, laughing at not funny jokes, and the love for her dog, Raleigh (just ask to see a picture- you'll understand). Aspirations include: traveling around the country in a cool van while running an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, owning a golden retriever, and eventually settling down in a white farmhouse with a wraparound porch.

Studio Assistant, Graphic Designer
Ashley Garcia is a junior Visual Communications major from Anniston, Alabama. She enjoys trying new types of art, theater, music, writing, and reading. Her hope is to go on to be a digital artist with a greater understanding of storytelling through digital media.
Event Assistant

Hannah Clark is excited for her first year being a part of the Viking Fusion team! She is a Junior Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. She is a born and raised Georgia peach that aspires to work in event planning, or be a publicist for a celebrity when she grows up. A few of her favorite things include the Lord, family, anything Disney, Orlando Bloom, hippopotamuses, sunflowers, musical theatre, and dancing until there is no tomorrow.


Graphic Designer

Katie Ott is a sophomore from Marietta, GA. She is majoring in Visual Comminications and is super excited for her first year at Fusion. Katie's favorite things include shopping at goodwill, Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, and ugly cat shirts.


Bryce Koon is a junior Sports Communication from Columbus, Georgia. He is an avid sports fan who closely follows all the professional sports teams in Atlanta. He loves to read historical biographies and dancing at all the Berry events. Bryce hopes to one day work in the sports broadcasting world, with the ultimate dream of hosting ESPN's College Gameday.



Jacquelyn Pierce is a Sophomore Visual Communications major from Nashville, Tennessee. A Cheer leader for Berry college, who loves dark chocolate, dancing wherever she can (even when it comes to isles in a grocery store) and quoting lines from random movies... She hopes her future lies in becoming a news Broadcaster once graduating from college.

A freshman, a videographer, and a hopeful young lad, Ben is a fan of all forms of Art. He is an avid writer, musician, guild-starter, and nonsensical rambler. Feel free to send Ben your Art for philosophical analysis, if watching Ben’s coffee-fueled whiteboard diagramming is, you know, ‘your thing’.
Hannah-Grace is a freshman from Jonesboro, GA. She is majoring in Public Relations and excited to be a part of Viking Fusion. She is an avid smiler, sweet tea connoisseur, and loves the yellow.  


Nathan Sims is a freshman Visual Communications Major. He's always had a passion for film, and he intends to work in the film industry. He's a Star Wars fanboy and a mac-n-cheese connoisseur.


Noah is a freshman Communications major from Rome, Georgia. It's been widely accepted that he bears a striking resemblance in both looks and vocal ability to famed 90's hip hop sensation Vanilla Ice. Bob Ross is his spirit animal. Noah's thriving rap career first took flight when he released two diss singles for his high school's student section. Find him on

Steven is a six-time Telly Award winning producer, director and editor, who spent 15 years at television stations in North Georgia. He is the 2016 recipient of the College Media Association's Honor Roll Broadcast Advisor Award. He is married and has two kids.

 New Awards.png


-Best Independent Online Student Publication Finalist: Viking Fusion
-Best Online Sports Reporting Winner: "Vikings advance to second round of playoffs"
by: Allie Pritchett, Bruno Rosa and Chris Ferguson

Georgia College Press Association

-Better Newspaper Contest 2nd place - "Best Website"
-CMA Pinnacle Awards 2nd Place - Best TV Entertainment Program: "Me and My Camera"
-CMA Pinnacle Awards 2nd Place - Best Audio Slideshow: "Debbie Cunningham building a career after 50"
-CMA Pinnacle Awards 3rd Place - Best Audio Slideshow: "Caleb Timmerman: Rockclimbing at Sandrock"
-Best General Entertainment 2nd Place - COM 425: "Transaction"
-Best Vodcast Winner - "Me and My Camera"
-Best Special Broadcast 4th Place - "Jude"
-Best PSA Video 4th Place - COM 425: "Slavery"
-Student Production Award Winner – Arts & Entertainment: “Film War
-Student Production Award Winner – Sports: “Senior Football Spotlight”
-Student Production Award Winner – Photographer: Eric Jackson and Chris Scott, Me and My Camera
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – General Assignment Light News: “Students run community garden
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Arts & Entertainment: “Wireless Fidelity
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Short Form Fiction: “Ay, Mi Amor
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Long Form Fiction: “Pretending
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Long Form Fiction: “Imperia
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Director:Ryan Warrick,Jude
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Director: Eric Jackson and Chris Scott,Me and My Camera
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Editor: Ryan Warrick,Jude
-Student Production Award Honorable Mention – Photographer: Ryan Warrick,Jude

 SPJ Regional Mark of Excellence Awards

-Best Independent Online Student Publication Winner: Viking Fusion

-Best Online Sports Reporting Winner: “Four years in: Reflections on Berry football” - By Haiden Widener and Allie Pritchett
-Best Use of Multimedia Finalist - Spaces of Vienna" - By "Spaces of Vienna" Team
-Best Online News Reporting Finalist: “Neo-Nazi Rally in Rome” - By Campus Carrier and Viking Fusion News Teams
-Festival of Media Arts Student 2-Year/Small College Competition Video Production Category Award of Excellence - Film War




-2016 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence Winner - Sunrise
-2016 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence Nominee - The Studio Awakens
-2016 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence Nominee - Welcome to Valhalla
-2015 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence Nominee – Green Lady Episode 3
-2014 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence Nominee "The Calculus Priority Dispute"
-2011 Outstanding Achievement: Television Student Production Excellence-Student Production - College Winner - The Conference Room
-2016 Editor & Publisher Best College/University Investigative or Documentary Feature Finalist - "The Things They Carry"
-2016 Editor & Publisher Best College/University Newspaper Website Finalist - Viking Fusion
-2015 Editor & Publisher Best College/University News or Event Feature Finalist - "How Rome’s wealth and income are geographically linked"
-2014 Editor & Publisher Best College/University News or Event Feature Video FinalistThe Art of Protesting in Madrid"
-2011, 2012 & 2013 Editor & Publisher Best College/University Journalism Website Finalist
-2012 Editor & Publisher Best College/University Investigative or Documentary Report Finalist - "An Italian history: How one Jewish family survived Italy's fascist persecution"
-2016 Best Comedy Winner - Ay, Mi Amor
-2016 Best Comedy 2nd Place - Wireless Fidelity
-2016 Best Vodcast Winner - The Studio Awakens
-2016 Best Station Promo 4th Place - Welcome to Valhalla
-2015 Best PSA Finalist Cancer PSA
-2015 Best Student Media Website FinalistViking Fusion
-2014 Best PSA Finalist - "Child Abuseby Taylor Jackson
-2014 Best Promo Finalist - "Viking Fusion App Promo"
-2014 National Student Production Award Finalist - "Best Student Media Website"
-2013 Best General Entertainment Program Winner- "Going Up – Episode 5"
-2013 Best Vodcast Finalist - "Roll Call"
-2013 Best Vodcast Finalist - "Going Up – Episode 4"
-2012 Best Vodcast Winner - "The Conference Room, Episode 10.2 - Cancelled"
-2012 Best General Entertainment Program Finalist - "The Conference Room, Episode 10.2 - Cancelled"
-2011 Best PSA Finalist - "Smoking Mime"
-2011 Best Promo Finalist - "Viking Fusion Promo"
-2010 & 2011 National Student Production Award Finalist - "Best Student Media Website"
-2009 Best Comedy Winner - "The Conference Room"
-2016 CMA Film Festival: Short Creative Film 3rd Place - The Collector
-2016 CMA Pinnacle Awards: Best TV Promo/PSA 3rd Place - Welcome to Valhalla
-2016 CMA Pinnacle Awards: Best Viral Video 2nd Place - The Studio Awakens
-2016 CMA Pinnacle Awards: 4-Year TV Station of the Year Winner - Viking Fusion
-2016 CMA Fall Film Festival: Short Creative Film Winner - Fire Bloomed
-2016 CMA Fall Film Festival: Short Creative Film 2nd Place - Wireless Fidelity
-2016 CMA Fall Film Festival: Short Creative Film Honorable Mention - Checkmate
-2015 Best TV Promo/PSA Finalist – Video Shorts are Coming!
-2015 Best TV Entertainment Program Finalist  Sunrise
-2015 Best Online Audio Slideshow Finalist - "People come together around food and the places it’s eaten in Madrid
-2014 Best Radio Podcast Finalist - "The Takeover Episode 2"
-2014 Best Podcast Finalist - "The Takeover Episode 6"
-2013 Best Station Promo Winner - "Viking Fusion Promo"
-2013 Best Audio Slideshow Winner" - Jews of Florence – Treves family uncommon story" by Mary Claire Stewart
-2013 Finalist TV Station of the Year
-2012 Best Radio Entertainment/Talk Program Winner - "Disconnected"
-2016 Best Online Sports Reporting Winner: The Things They Carry - by COM 311 Sports Journalism
-2016 Best Independent Online Student Publication Finalist: Viking Fusion
-2015 Best Use of Multimedia Winner: Madrid as text - By Viking Fusion Project Madrid Team, Berry College
-2015 Best Independent Online Student Publication Finalist: Viking Fusion
-2015 1st place - "Best Website"
-2014 Better Newspaper Contest 1st place - "Best Website" 
-2016 Super-Regional Conference: Narrative Film Winner (Tie) -- Film War
-2016 Super-Regional Conference: Promotional Video Winner - Welcome to Valhalla
-2014 Festival of Media Arts Student 2-Year/Small College Competition Video Production Category Second Place - "The Calculus Priority Dispute"
-2013 Festival of Media Arts Student 2-Year/Small College Competition Video Production Category Second Place- "Roll Call"
-2010 Festival of Media Arts Student 2-Year/Small College Competition Video Production Category Second Place- "Coffee Gnomes" By Amelia Heine, David Reeves, Jenny Mischler & Lindsey Coe
-2010 Festival of Media Arts Student Video Competition Promotional Category First Place- "Violent Kids PSA" By Jonathan Miley, Stephanie Morris, Brittany Page, Katie Underdown & Drew Welchel
-2009, 2011, 2012 Leadership and Service Award Winner - "Outstanding Organization"
-2013 3rd Place – Jews of Florence
-2013 50 Best Student Press Websites: 2013 Edition

New About Us.png

What is Viking Fusion?

Viking Fusion is a student-run multimedia website that seeks (1) to serve the department of communication courses as a platform for student productions, and (2) to inform and entertain both the Berry student community and the larger public, even beyond Berry College. Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by Berry College students. The views expressed on Viking Fusion are not necessarily those of Berry College's Board of Trustees, the administration, or the department of communication.

Although Viking Fusion is operated and managed by students, the Fusion staff is supervised by a professional staff member (advisor) of the Department of Communication (Steven Hames), whose job is to ensure that Viking Fusion content and delivery are professional in every respect.

If there are any concerns regarding content posted to Viking Fusion, viewers are advised to first contact the Executive Director of Viking Fusion [see staff listing]; secondly, contact Steven Hames, the advisor; and, finally, contact Brian Carroll, chair of the Department of Communication.

Viking Fusion operates under a set of guidelines approved by academic administrators at Berry. A Viking Fusion Media Board – consisting of students, faculty, staff, and an outside media professional – is the primary arbiter in matters of dispute. Of course, the president of the college is the “final” arbiter.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators consist of members of the Viking Fusion staff as well as some of the staff from Student Publications. They review each piece that is submitted and place it in the appropriate place or places on the site. They also decide which story or video or photo is the featured piece of media for the front page.

Where can I go to see Campus Carrier Stories?

Right here, under the Carrier tab! The Carrier and Viking Fusion staffs work closely together to bring you the most complete coverage of events and they decide the best medium to tell the story. Sometimes it is best told in a text story, while at other times a slideshow or video works best. It is a combined effort, but this is the new online home for all the Carrier stories.

How can I be a part of what you are doing?

The staff meets in the studio of the Laughlin Building every Tuesday at 11:00. We would love to have you join us. The staff is part of Berry's student work program and we have jobs at all levels. We also rely heavily on volunteers. But even if you can't make the meetings, you are always welcome to contribute to the site. Please know this is not YouTube or Facebook where you can just post pictures of your friends. However, slideshows of places you have visited overseas, artistic photographs, and poems are all welcome.

Do I have to be a Communication Major to contribute?

Heck NO! We welcome students from all disciplines to contribute their writing, photos, videos and artwork to the site. It is a great place to showcase and publish all your creative work. All you need to do is contact us!

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