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Squirrel Documentary

Eastern Gray Squirrel Alarm Calls

Wolf Spiders Documentary

True facts about the dotted wolf spider, Rabidosa punctulata, a short documentary-styled film to showcase various behaviors,…

Farmers Only

Come on out to the Dana/Thomas Berry Late Night, "Farmers Only!"

Math is Groovy

Dr. McDowell is back with a new jingle to educate students on the awesomeness of math.

My Penciled Epistle

A spoken word poem written addressing the reality of being a Christian. God bless.

Electric Feel

Electric Feel is a radio style webcast that brings you the lastest and hippest music.


A mentally troubled young man and his psychiatrist struggle to discover the truth behind his illness.

The Calculus Priority Dispute

2nd Place Winner of the BEA Festival for Best Video/Broadcast production.

Just Be Yourself

A spoken word poem written and performed by Blake Phillips.

Keep Watching

or don't, it's up to you... Viewer discretion is advised.
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That's Sketchy: 2 for 20

Three hungry men with one problem...they only have $20. What will they do?

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 7

Featuring Jeb Blount.

48 Hour Film Challenge 2018

Watch and vote for your favorite submission to Viking Fusion's 48 Hour Film Challenge.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 6

This episode features Brianna Binns and Genesis Leggett.

The Oh M. Ghee Podcast: Episode 5

This episode features Savanna McKellar

That's Sketchy: Jail Time

A normal game of capture the flag takes a unique turn.
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