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Viking Fusion 48 Hour Film Challenge 2017

Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:
Genre: Heist
Line of dialogue: "Some people need to get out of the way."
Time: 4-8 minutes.
Winner - Cloak and Dagger (Score: 166)
Team name: Whose Film is it Anyway? Productions
Group members: Eric Jackson, Sara Arms, Carter Hicks, and Wyatt Duemler
Description: An experienced agent and his bumbling sidekick go on what seems a routine mission.
Fan Favorite - Master Plan (Score: 156)
Team name: Crazy Ex-Girlfriends
Group members: Deanna Cunningham, Courtney Fox, Kristen Reeves, Lexie Turner, Madelin Ryan, and Allie Pritchett 
Description: What would you do to pay off your student loans?
The High (Score: 163)
Team name: The Four Who Film
Group members: Chris Scott, Bruno Rosa, Josh Trammel, and LexiKay Stokes
Description: In a world completely addicted to caffeine, one man looks for a way out.
Which entry do you think should win?
Cloak and Dagger
The High
Master Plan
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