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Viking Fusion 48-Hour Film Challenge 2016


Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:
  • Genre: Horror
  • Line of dialogue: "This level of apathy is absolutely staggering"
Checkmate - Winner (Score: 181)
Team name: Take 5
Group members: Deanna Cunningham, Courtney Fox, Emilee Burroughs, Lexie Turner, and Allie Pritchett 
Wireless Fidelity - Fan Favorite (Score: 155)
Team name: The Night's Watch
Team members: Chris Scott, Kelsey Merriam, Eric Jackson, Michael Earhart, Brad Tilka, and Alex Lowe
The Last Supper (Score: 139)
Team name: Reservoir Katz
Team members: Gino Destefano, Luke Chandler, Savannah Wofford, Josh Hines, Peter Gunnin, and Josh Beck
This is a work of fiction and contains language that might be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Viking Fusion: The Studio Awakens

This Viking Fusion Studio promo is a parody of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens official trailer.

About Us

The story of a man who is ready for a change.


A Halloween inspired short film made by Gino Destefano Valdivia.

Tina Talks: Episode 2

Join Eric and Christina as they talk about Halloween and other October events, if you dare!

A Little Bit of Sunshine Season 2: Episode 2

Emma Wells visits set to tell Mackenzie about Year of Service, Blake Hudson presents his version of…

Tina Talks: Pilot

Pilot Episode of Viking Fusion's New Podcast

Audience Favorite:

Question: Which entry do you think should win?
Wireless Fidelity
The Last Supper
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