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Viking Fusion 48-Hour Film Challenge 2016


Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:
  • Genre: Horror
  • Line of dialogue: "This level of apathy is absolutely staggering"
Checkmate - Winner (Score: 181)
Team name: Take 5
Group members: Deanna Cunningham, Courtney Fox, Emilee Burroughs, Lexie Turner, and Allie Pritchett 
Wireless Fidelity - Fan Favorite (Score: 155)
Team name: The Night's Watch
Team members: Chris Scott, Kelsey Merriam, Eric Jackson, Michael Earhart, Brad Tilka, and Alex Lowe
The Last Supper (Score: 139)
Team name: Reservoir Katz
Team members: Gino Destefano, Luke Chandler, Savannah Wofford, Josh Hines, Peter Gunnin, and Josh Beck
This is a work of fiction and contains language that might be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Little Bit of Sunshine | Season 2: Episode 1

Mackenzie interviews Savannah Wofford about her summer spent working with families of children…

Little Bit of Sunshine : Episode 7

Mackenzie's friends hijack her show for the final episode this semester.


When Austrian exchange student Matthias arrived in the US, he had no idea his accent and hair would…

Take It Away: Episode 3

Two players and a special guest act out hilarious scenes!

Green Lady: Episode 4

Sadie discovers the truth and puts the mystery to rest. The story has come full circle.

The Collector

A mysterious man calls a movie theater and gives an ultimatum. Why does he collect the posters?

Audience Favorite:

Question: Which entry do you think should win?
Wireless Fidelity
The Last Supper
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